Would Meeding An Oil Change Make My Car Shake

There have been many reports of Volkswagens shaking and vibrating more than usual after receiving an oil change. Volkswagen has now issued a recall for nearly half a million cars because of this issue. If you’re one of the owners of a Volkswagen that’s been included in the recall, you might want to consider having your car’s engine replaced.

Why Would Meeding An Oil Change Make My Car Shake?

An oil change may cause your car to shake because of theadded viscosity of the oil. It is important to remember that an oilchange will also remove any contaminates that may be present in the oil. Depending on how dirty the oil is, this could lead to a sudden increase in vibration or shaking.

How to Fix a Shaking Car Using Meeding

If your car is shaking, there may be a simple solution. Meeding Automotive can help you fix the issue quickly and for a fraction of the cost of a full service oil change.


If your car is making weird noises and shuddering during an oil change, it’s probably not the oil. Check out our list of other common causes of car problems to see if any of them are causing your shakes.

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