Will Insurance Cover An Uninspected Car

If you own a car that has not been inspected by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you may be wondering if your insurance company will cover the car in the event of an accident. In most cases, yes, your insurance company will likely cover the car and you will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur. However, there are certain circumstances in which your insurance company may not cover the car, and these include if the car has been declared a total loss or if it has been used in a criminal activity. If you are unsure whether your insurance policy covers an uninspected car, contact your insurer to find out more information.

What is an Uninspected Car?

If you own a car that hasn’t been inspected by the state, then you may be wondering if your insurance company will cover it. In general, most insurance companies will not cover an uninspected car. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If the car has been in an accident and is deemed to be unsafe to drive, then the insurance company may consider coverage. Additionally, if the car falls within a certain age range and has not been inspected in a while, then the company may decide to cover it.

How are Uninspected Cars Covered?

Insurance companies typically cover cars that have not been inspected when the car is involved in an accident. The reason for this is that a car that has not been inspected may not be safe to drive and could present a safety hazard to drivers and passengers.

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What are the Different Types of Insurance That Cover Uninspected Cars?

There are a few different types of insurance that can help cover an uninspected car. Liability insurance can protect you from civil or criminal lawsuits if someone is injured in an accident caused by your car. Vehicle insurance may cover the cost of repairs to your car if it’s damaged or stolen while it’s uninspected. Finally, comprehensive insurance can help pay for any damages not covered by other types of insurance, like theft or vandalism.


If you have a car that has not been inspected, it’s important to know whether your insurance company will cover the cost of an uninspected car. In most cases, they will not. This is because an uninspected car is considered to be in a state of “poor condition”, which can lead to higher rates and exclusions when it comes to coverage. However, some insurers might consider an uninspected car if it has been repaired in a timely manner and there are no signs of damage that would warrant further inspection. Talk to your insurance representative about the specifics of your policy before making any decisions.

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