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There’s something about car races that just makes people feel inspired to get up and dance. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of the competition or the sense of community that comes from cheering on your favorite drivers, getting out there and cheering on your team is a popular pastime.

But what if you could also make money doing it? That’s the idea behind this new business venture: Dance for Race Car Parts. This company will hire professional dancers to cheer on drivers during races, and they’ll pay participants based on how well they perform.

This sounds like a great opportunity for anyone who loves car racing and wants to make some extra money while cheering on their favorite drivers. If you’re interested in learning more about this business, be sure to check out its website or contact them directly to learn more!

What is Dance for Race Car Parts?

Dance for Race Car Parts is an international dance competition that benefits charities and causes close to the hearts of the dance teams and judges. Dance for Race Car Parts was founded in 2010 by Susanne Widmann, a professional ballroom dancer and teacher, and her husband, race car driver Jörg Widmann. The event brings together the top amateur and professional dancers from around the world to compete in a dance marathon that lasts 36 hours. The competition culminates in a grand final performance where the team with the highest score wins a cash prize as well as recognition on stage.

Each year, Dance for Race Car Parts selects a charity or cause to benefit from the event’s proceeds. Past beneficiaries include The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN), Hope For The Warriors, and World Vision. In addition to monetary donations, Dance for Race Car Parts team members often donate their time and services to help with event preparations and logistics.

The 2018 Dance for Race CarParts will take place from March 2-4 at the Santa Ana Speedway in Santa Ana, California. Registration is now open! For more information or to sign up your team visit www.danceforracecarparts.com or

The History of Dance for Race Car Parts

The first dance for race car parts happened in 1949 at the Watkins Glen race track. Six drivers from different racing organizations came together to create a dance routine to raise money for charity. The dance was so successful that it continued to be performed at races across the country. Today, there are dozens of dance companies that specialize in creating dances for race car parts. This unique tradition continues to bring people together and help support charitable organizations.

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How Does Dance for Race Car Parts Work?

Dance for Race Car Parts is a new initiative by the NASCAR Foundation that encourages young people to get involved in the arts. The program provides funding for youth arts programs, and gives talented young dancers the opportunity to showcase their skills on race tracks across the country.

The idea behind Dance for Race Car Parts is simple: if we can get kids interested in the arts, they’ll be more likely to pursue a career in the arts. And with a growing economy and more jobs in the arts, that’s definitely something we could use more of!

To date, Dance for Race Car Parts has funded programs in 17 states. And with over 1,000 applicants from all 50 states, there’s sure to be a program near you!

Whether it’s learning about ballet or hip-hop, getting involved in dance is a great way to learn about discipline, teamwork, and problem solving. And with Dance for Race Car Parts, there’s no telling where your talents might take you!

Who is Behind the Dance for Race Car Parts Movement?

The Dance for Race Car Parts movement is a grassroots effort started by a group of car enthusiasts who want to raise money and awareness for charity. The group was founded by Preston Tucker, a racecar driver and owner of a custom car shop in Alabama. Tucker’s goal is to use the dance event as an opportunity to bring together car enthusiasts from all over the country and have them work together to raise money for various charities. In addition, he wants to create a sense of community among racecar enthusiasts and help promote safety among drivers.

According to Tucker, the Dance for Race Car Parts movement is growing at a rapid pace and has already raised over $40,000 for charity. He says that he is committed to keeping the event going strong and expanding it nationwide.


If you’re like most people, you enjoy a good dance party. But what about when the music is pumping and the floor is hot? If you’re in the market for race car parts, it might be time to get your groove on—and that means learning how to do jitterbug. Dancing while racing can help improve your performance and make you less likely to lose control of your car. So put on some celebratory moves and get ready to turn some laps!

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