Will Car Start Without Camshaft Sensor

If your car won’t start, there’s a good chance that the camshaft sensor is at fault. This small, round device is located near the top of your engine and controls the opening and closing of the valves that allow fuel to enter and leave your engine. If the sensor fails, your car will not start.

In most cases, camshaft sensors can be replaced without any trouble. However, if the sensor isn’t accessible or if it’s damaged, you may need to take your car into a mechanic for repairs. In either case, knowing how to replace a camshaft sensor can save you time and money.

What is the Camshaft Sensor?

The camshaft sensor is a small, round device that resides on the camshafts of your engine. It senses when the camshafts are in the correct position and sends this information to the engine control module (ECM). If the camshaft sensor fails, your car may not start.

How Does a Car Start Without the Sensor?

If your car doesn’t start, it could be because of a faulty camshaft sensor. The sensor detects when the valves are in the correct position and allows the engine to start. If the sensor fails, the engine will not start. There are several ways to test if your camshaft sensor is bad.

What to Do If Your Car Doesn’t Start Because of a Camshaft Sensor

If your car doesn’t start because of a camshaft sensor, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. If the car has recently been driven, the vacuum pump may have stopped working, which will cause the engine to not start. You can check to see if the vacuum pump is working by trying to turn the key in the ignition while holding down the gas pedal. If it starts, then it’s likely that the vacuum pump is broken and needs to be replaced. If the car hasn’t been driven recently, or if it only doesn’t start when cold, then one of the following could be causing the problem:

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-The camshaft sensor may be faulty
-The timing belt may have broken
-There could be a problem with one of the valves in the engine

How to Replace the Camshaft Sensor on a Car

If your car won’t start, there’s a good chance the camshaft sensor is defective. This sensor monitors the position of the valves in the camshaft, and if something goes wrong with it, the computer will not be able tostart the engine. In most cases, this problem can be corrected by replacing the sensor. Here’s how to do it:

1) Park your car in a safe place and turn off all of the accessory power sources (AC, headlights, etc.).
2) Remove the air filter and unscrew the two clips that hold it in place.
3) Remove the spark plug wire from its socket and set it aside.
4) Disconnect both negative battery cables.
5) Remove the screws that hold on the intake manifold cover.
6) Carefully lift off the cover and remove the camshaft sensor.
7) Inspect the sensor for damage and replace it if necessary. Replace all six screws that hold on the sensor.
8) Reinstall everything in reverse order, making sure to torque all of the screws to specified values (instructions are included with each part).
9) Replace the air filter and Spark Plug Wire Clip. Tighten

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