Why Would Someone Key My Car

There are a few reasons someone might want to key your car – maybe you left your car unlocked and someone decided to take it, or maybe you just parked in a rough spot and now your car is damaged. Whatever the reason, if you’re ever the victim of car theft, be sure to keep these tips in mind to help you get your car back!

What are the Symptoms of a Keyed Car?

If you’ve ever had your car keyed, there’s a good chance you didn’t even know it happened. A car key can be easily slid into the ignition and turned without anyone knowing, rendering your vehicle inoperable. Here are some of the more common symptoms of having your car keyed:

-The car won’t start

-The doors won’t open

-The windows don’t work properly

-The trunk won’t open

How to Detect If Someone Has Kept Keys Inside My Car

If you’ve lost your keys, there are a few ways to determine if someone has tried to open your car using them. One way is to use a remote keyless entry system, which will send out a signal every time the car is unlocked. If someone has been tampering with the system, they will not get a signal. Another option is to look for signs that the car has been jimmied open: if the door handles have been pulled or bent, for example.

Prevention Tips for Keeping Your Keys Safe

If you have a key ring like most people, it’s not impossible for someone to steal your keys. You can make it harder for someone to take your keys by using a key chain or keeping them in a safe place. You also need to make sure that you don’t lose your keys in the first place. Here are some tips for prevention:

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1. Keep your keys out of sight. If you’re not going to be using them right away, put them in a secure place where they can’t be easily accessed by others. A key chain is a good option because it’s easy to carry around and store.

2. Make sure you keep track of your keys. When you’re not using them, put them in a safe place or on a key ring so you can easily find them when you need them. If you lose your keys, make a note of where you last had them and look for them there. If they’re missing completely, contact the company that made the key fob or the car manufacturer to see if they’ve been stolen.

3. Don’t leave your car unlocked if you’re not inside it. This is especially important if the car is parked


If you have ever had your car broken into, you know just how frustrating it can be to try and get your bearings after the fact. The thought of losing everything that you own — not to mention the inconvenience of being without a car for an extended period of time — is enough to make anyone frantic. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce your chances of becoming a victim, and one of those methods is to keep your car locked up at all times. If someone does manage to gain access to your vehicle, having your key hidden somewhere safe will make it much more difficult for them to take what they want.

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