Why Would My Car Be Shaking

If you’re experiencing a car that’s shaking, there are a few potential causes. One possibility is that the car has an engine problem, such as a blown tire or broken down motor. Another possible cause is wind resistance. When the wind blows against the car, it creates pressure on the tires and the body of the car.

What Causes a Vehicle to Shake?

When you drive your car, it is constantly moving and vibrating. This motion is transmitted through the vehicle’s suspension system and engine, and it creates a vibration or shaking sensation inside the car. There are many different causes of vehicle shaking, but most can be traced back to problems with the suspension system or engine. Shaking can also be caused by wind noise or other outside forces, but it is most commonly caused by problems with the car’s body mechanics.

How to Prevent a Vehicle from Shaking

If you are experiencing a vehicle that is shaking, here are some simple tips to help prevent it from happening in the future.

– Wash your car regularly – Dirt, dust and other particles can cause your car to shake. By washing your car regularly, you will remove these particles and reduce the chances of your car shaking.

– Inspect your brakes – If your brakes are not working properly, your car may shake as a result. By checking the condition of your brakes, you can ensure that they are not causing the shaking.

– Check your oil level – If your engine is not properly lubricated, it may cause the car to shake. Checking your oil level can help ensure that you have enough lubrication to prevent the shaking.

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How to Fix a Vehicle That Is Shaking

If you’re driving your car and it’s shaking, there may be something wrong with it. You can try to fix it yourself, or take it to a mechanic for diagnosis and repair. Here are some common causes of vehicle shaking and how to fix them:

-A loose gas cap can cause the car to shake from the gas flowing out. Replace the gas cap if it’s loose.
-Worn or weak suspension components can cause the car to shake from the vibration. Have the components replaced or repaired as needed.
-An incorrect tire size can cause the car to shake from the uneven weight distribution. Change the tire size if necessary.
-A broken axle can cause the car to shake from the lack of suspension travel. Repair or replace the axle as necessary.


If you’re experiencing shuddering or shaking while driving, it might be time to have your car checked out by a mechanic. There are a few potential reasons why your car could be shaking, and each one requires attention in order to ensure that your safety is not at risk. If you think you might have a problem with your engine or transmission, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible so that you can continue driving without any risks.

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