Why Wont My Remote Start Work

If you’re like most people, your car stereo is a central part of your daily life. Whether you’re blasting music to get yourself pumped for your workout or tuning into your favorite show while you cook dinner, having the ability to remote start your car is a lifesaver. But if you’ve tried to use your remote start in the past and it hasn’t worked, there might be a reason why.

Check for obstructions

Remote start technology is a great way to save time when getting in your car. However, if your remote start does not work, there may be an obstruction preventing the signal from reaching the car. In order to check for obstructions, follow these tips:

– Remove any large items from under the car, such as bags or boxes.
– Clear any debris or leaves from around the vehicle.
– Try moving the car closer to the remote start unit.

Verify battery is properly installed

Remote start not working? Check your battery! Remote starts require a functioning battery in the vehicles key fob. Make sure the battery is properly installed and charged. If you still cannot get your remote start to work, please Contact Us for assistance.

Try another remote start device

If you’re having trouble getting your vehicle’s remote start to work, there are a few other devices you can try. A universal remote like the Harmony One or the Logitech Harmony 900 can be used to control multiple brands of vehicles. Another option is a REMOTE STARTING SYSTEM KIT from Security Systems Pros . This kit includes a key fob and an antenna to help improve range and reception.

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Reset the car’s computer

I have a 2009 Toyota Camry and the remote start works great when I first put the car in park, but after I start the car and turn it off, the remote start no longer works. I’ve tried resetting the car’s computer, but that hasn’t worked. What could be the problem?

Restore factory settings

When your car is not started by the key, it often has to be started from the remote. Unfortunately, if you have a newer car with a built-in remote start, it may not work.

The first thing to do is check to see if your car’s remote start system is enabled. On some models, this can be done by pressing a button on the center console or by going to Settings > System > Remote Start. If the system is enabled and you still cannot get your car started using the remote, then you will need to reset your car’s factory settings.

To do this, turn off the car and wait 10 seconds before turning it back on. Once the car is turned on, press and hold down the horn button for three seconds. Release the horn button and wait two more seconds for the car to finish restarting. After that, you can try starting your car using the remote again.

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