Why Was Counting Cars Cancelled

Counting cars was always going to be a challenge. It’s a common task, but it’s also one that can be time-consuming and difficult to do accurately. That’s why the city of Riverside canceled its contract with a company that had been counting cars on a daily basis for the past few years.

What was Counting Cars?

The Counting Cars project was cancelled in May of 2016. The goal of the project was to develop a technology that could count cars in large traffic areas. The goal was not to create a new way to track traffic, but to develop a new way to manage traffic.

The Problems with Counting Cars

Counting cars was cancelled because of the following reasons:
-It was a waste of resources and time.
-The counting was inaccurate and unreliable.
-It was a source of stress for drivers and workers.

Why Was Counting Cars Cancelled?

The project to count and track automobiles in the city of Detroit was cancelled in 2009. The reasoning behind the cancellation is still unknown, but it is possible that it was due to lack of funding or a lack of public interest. It is also possible that politics were involved, as the city was facing financial difficulties at the time.


Counting cars is a fun, community-driven event that happens every 4 years in Detroit. It’s an opportunity to come together and celebrate the city we all love. Unfortunately, due to economic difficulties, this year’s count was cancelled. We hope that things will improve in the future and that we can hold another Counting Cars event soon!

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