Why Remote Start Won’t Work

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about the potential benefits of remote start technology. However, there are some major drawbacks to implementing this feature that should be considered before making a decision. In this article, we will explore these issues and provide you with a better understanding of why remote start may not be the best solution for your business.

What is Remote Start?

Remote start is a technology that allows you to start your car without having to physically be in the car. You can start the car from anywhere in the world by using your smartphone or computer.

There are many reasons why remote start won’t work for you. For example, if your car has a keyless entry system, you will need to enter the code that starts the car in order for remote start to work. If you’re not in the car when the remote start is activated, the car will not start.

Another problem with remote start is that some cars have security features that prevent them from starting if they are not within a certain distance of the vehicle’s engine. In order for remote start to work, your car must be within a certain range of your smartphone or computer.

Overall, remote start is a great technology, but it isn’t always reliable and it may not work with all cars.

The Problems with Remote Start

Remote start has been touted as a way to reduce CO2 emissions, while also saving time. But according to the EPA, there are a number of problems with this technology.

The first problem is that the car needs to be close enough to the start station for the system to work. This means that cars parked in garages or on a driveway are out of luck.

Another issue is that remote start only works if the car has an active security system. If your car doesn’t have a security system, or if it’s disabled, anyone can start it remotely.

In addition, remote start systems are often unreliable. The EPA found that about one-quarter of all cars tested were unable to start when contacted by the remote start station.

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All in all, these problems make remote start pretty impractical. It would be better off if automakers developed more reliable and accessible technologies like electric vehicles or drive-by starting.

What Alternatives Are There to Remote Start?

Remote start isn’t the only way to start your car. There are a few alternatives that you may be interested in:

-Using a key fob to start the car:

A key fob is a small, handheld device that you can use to start your car. Simply insert the key fob into the ignition and press the button to start your car.

You can also use a keyless entry system, which is a feature that allows you to open your car by pressing a button on the door or console.

If you have a smartphone or other portable device with an app, you can also use that to start your car. For example, Apple’s CarPlay allows you to start your car by pressing the “Start” button on your iPhone. Android has similar features called “Android Auto” and “ Chrysler OnStar”.

There are also several third-party apps that allow you to start your car this way. Just be sure to research which app works best for your vehicle and make sure you have the latest update installed before using it.

-Using another person’s remote start system:\


It sounds like a great idea to install a remote start system in your car so that you can start your engine without having to get out of the car. But unfortunately, this technology just isn’t up to the task. Remote starts work by sending a signal from your car’s key fob to the starter motor, and in most cases, there is no way to ensure that the signal reaches your starter motor. This means that even if you have a remote start system installed and configured properly, it won’t be able to help you start your engine.

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