Why Put a Plastic Bag Over Car Mirror

There’s a reason why so many people use plastic bags when they go shopping – they’re convenient, cheap, and environmentally friendly. But there’s one downside to using them – they can block your car’s mirror when you’re driving. Here are four ways to avoid this problem.

What is a Mirror With a Plastic Bag?

There are a few different reasons why you might want to put a plastic bag over your car mirror. Firstly, if you’re driving in a dirty environment, a plastic bag will help keep the dirt and dust from getting on your windshield. Secondly, if you’re using your car as an office during the day and don’t want your coworkers to be able to see what you’re doing, a plastic bag can help block out some of the light. Finally, if you have trouble seeing in the sun because of glasses or contacts, putting a plastic bag over your car mirror will help reduce glare.

Why Put a Plastic Bag Over a Car Mirror?

Plastic bags are a common sight when driving, but they can also be a problem when it comes to the mirror. When a plastic bag is placed over the mirror, it can create a distorted view of the road. This can lead to dangerous driving habits and accidents.

How to Fix a Plastic Bag Hung Over a Car Mirror

If you find yourself constantly having to scratch your head to try and see out the car window while driving, there’s a good chance that a plastic bag has become lodged over your mirror. Here’s how to fix the situation:

1. Remove any loose objects or debris that may be obscuring your view. This includes anything that has blown onto the car or landed on the mirror in recent weather conditions.
2. Disconnect the power source to the mirror by unscrewing the plug at the back (if applicable).
3. Gently remove the mirror if it is attached with screws or adhesive. If it is not attached, use a vacuum cleaner to suction onto one of the corners and slowly pull it off.
4. Gently scrape away any dried glue or residue on the mirror with a sharp knife or razor blade, being careful not to damage the surface of the glass. This will allow new adhesive or screws to be more firmly applied in future repairs.

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5. Apply new adhesive or screws to both sides of the mirror and reattach with a gentle touch, making sure that all edges are well-covered. Plug in the power source and test out your vision again!


Putting a plastic bag over your car mirror can help you avoid getting rear-ended by another driver. Not only will the plastic protect your windshield from damage, but it will also reflect some of the sunlight that would otherwise hit your eyes and cause blindness. If you live in an area where it frequently rains or snows, adding a layer of reflective material to your car can make driving much safer at night.

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