Why Power Steering Pump Noise When Cold

When your car is cold and the engine is turned off, you might hear a power steering pump noise coming from the vehicle. This noise is caused by fluid in the power steering pump leaking out and hitting the fan belt, which in turn makes a loud noise.

What Causes Power Steering Pump Noise When Cold?

When the engine is cold, the power steering pump can make a lot of noise. The reason for this is that the power steering pump needs to work a lot harder to move the car. This extra noise is usually noticeable when you start moving the car, or when you turn the wheel.

How to Fix Power Steering Pump Noise When Cold?

If you’re experiencing power steering pump noise when the car is cold, there are a few things you can do to fix the issue. To start, make sure that the cooling system is properly working. If the cooling system is not working correctly, it will cause the power steering pump to work harder and produce more noise. next, try to identify the source of the noise. If it’s coming from inside the car, you may need to replace a part of the power steering pump or filter. If the noise comes from outside the car, you may need to replace the power steering belt or hydraulic line.


If you’re experiencing power steering pump noise when the cold weather hits, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. First, make sure that your power steering fluid levels are correct – low fluid levels will cause power steering pump noise. Second, check to see if your hoses and vent lines are in good condition – if they’re leaking or kinking, this will also cause noise. Finally, try tightening all of the screws on your power steering system – this will help to reduce any vibrations that may be causing the noise.

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