Why Power Steering Goes Out

If you’re like most drivers, you probably rely on your power steering to get around in traffic. But when it goes out, your car can be difficult to control – and that’s a big safety hazard. Here’s everything you need to know about power steering, why it goes out, and how to fix it.

What Causes Power Steering to Go Out?

When power steering goes out, it can be a frustrating experience for drivers. There are many potential causes of power steering failure, and knowing which ones to look for can help you diagnose the problem and get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Here are five common causes of power steering failure:

1. Cooling system failure: A failing cooling system can cause power steering to go out because the system cannot keep up with the demand to cool the engine and gearbox.

2. Engine oil failure: An engine oil leak can cause power steering to go out because it increases the pressure in the system.

3. Power steering pump failure: A failing power steering pump can cause power steering to go out because it cannot generate enough pressure to move the vehicle.

4. Torque converter failure: A torque converter failure can cause power steering to go out because it fails to send the correct amount of torque to the pump.

5. Steering shaft seal failure: A failing steering shaft seal can cause power steering to go out because it allows water and debris into the system.

How to Fix a Power Steering Issue

Power steering goes out when the steering gear becomes worn and can no longer properly rotate the wheels. It’s a common issue on older cars, particularly those that were driven in heavy traffic or those with a high-torque engine. Often, the issue can be fixed relatively easily by replacing the power steering pump or belt. In some cases, however, the problem may be more complex and require a more extensive repair.

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When to Call a Mechanic

Call a mechanic if your power steering goes out. It could be an expensive repair, and you don’t want to take any chances.


Power steering can go out for a number of reasons, and most of them can be fixed relatively easily. If you notice that your power steering is not working as it should, don’t hesitate to call our team at The Car Connection. We will be more than happy to take a look and see if we can find the root of the problem.

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