Why No Coats in Car Seats

Recently, there have been several news stories circulating about parents being fined for not putting their children in car seats. This isn’t anything new, of course, but the way that these stories are being reported is. Rather than presenting a balanced and reasonable argument for why it’s important to keep your child in a car seat, many of these articles feature scary stories of kids dying in car accidents because their parents weren’t able to take proper safety precautions.

Now, before you panic and think that you’re going to be spending every weekend driving around with your children strapped into their car seats, know that there are good reasons why it’s important to keep your children safe while they’re in your vehicle. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of keeping your kids safe while they’re in the car and explain why it’s important to set some ground rules when it comes to using car seats.

The Problem with Car Seat Coats

There’s a big problem with car seat coats. They can be dangerous, and they don’t actually do anything to keep your child warm. In fact, car seat coats can actually make it harder for your child to stay warm in the car.

Car seat coats are made from materials like wool and fleece. These materials are great at keeping you warm, but they’re not very good at protecting your child from the cold. When it’s cold outside, the wind can easily move through the coat and into your child’s skin. This can cause them to get cold quickly, and it can also make it harder for them to stay warm in the car.

Instead of using a car seat coat, try putting a blanket or a towel over your child’s lap. This way, they’ll stay warm without having to worry about getting too cold or suffocating under a heavy coat.

What are the Effects of Car Seat Coats?

When you think of car seats, a lot of things come to mind – safety, comfort, and convenience. But what about the clothes you wear while your child is in the seat? Do they really matter?

There are a few reasons why many people choose not to use car seat coats. The first reason is safety. Car seat coats can add unnecessary weight to a car seat, which could lead to instability. Additionally, if a coat catches on something in the car, it could cause the carseat to move or even fall off.

The second reason is comfort. Car seat coats can add moisture and heat to a car, which can be uncomfortable for your child. In addition, some coat materials can be abrasive and create static electricity, which can be irritating for your child’s skin.

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The final reason is convenience. Car seats often have straps that attach them to the vehicle’s seat belt system. If your child is wearing a coat, these straps may get tangled up in the coat and become difficult to use. Plus, if your child gets cold while riding in the car, having a coat on may prevent them from getting warm again quickly enough.

The Health Risks of Car Seat Coats

There are many health risks associated with car seat coats. Coats can trap air and heat, which can increase the risk of heatstroke in infants and young children. They can also block the child’s breathing and cause them to choke on their own saliva. In addition, car seats that are covered in coats can be difficult to clean, which can increase the risk of infection.

The Environmental Costs of Car Seat Coats

There are many benefits to car seat jackets, but they also come with a cost. Here’s why:

1. Car seat jackets are not breathable. They trap heat and make it difficult for your baby to cool down.

2. Car seat jackets can make it harder for your baby to breathe. When the jacket is tight around the chest, it can impede breathing from the nose and mouth.

3. Car seat jackets can cause skin irritation and rashes in babies. The fabric can rub against the skin, causing redness and itching.

4. Car seat jackets can increase your baby’s risk of overheating and getting heatstroke. The added insulation makes it harder for your baby to cool down when it gets hot out, and wearing a jacket can make it more difficult for you to see if he or she is overheating.


There are a few reasons why you might want to avoid wearing coats in your car seat. The main one is that they can interfere with the harness system, potentially causing injury if the child in the seat doesn’t have enough slack in their harness. Additionally, coats can snag on safety belts and cause them to come loose. And lastly, when it’s cold outside and you’re trying to keep your little one warm, a coat will do more harm than good by trapping heat inside the vehicle. So unless you live in an area where it never gets cold or you know your child won’t be restrained properly by their seat belt, don’t wear a coat in your car seat!

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