Why New Oil Turns Dark in Car Engine

If you’ve ever driven a car with an older engine, you know that the oil can turn dark yellow or brown over time. This is because the oil doesn’t flow as freely and the engine has to work harder to get the same amount of power out of it. New oil is designed to prevent this from happening, but there are still some older engines out there that don’t have the updated technology. What happens when those engines start up?

What is API oil?

API stands for American Petroleum Institute, and refers to the type of oil used in car engines. New oil is described as API because it has been through a process of being refined and tested to meet certain standards. The older oil was not tested and did not have these same standards, so it is called “crude.”

How does API oil work?

API oils are a specific type of engine oil that is designed for use in modern cars. API oils are made from a blend of different types of oil, including synthetic and natural oils. When the oil is used in a car engine, it helps to lubricate the pistons and other moving parts. Over time, API oils will turn dark in color due to the build-up of deposits. This is because the oil has absorbed moisture and chemicals from the air.

API oil is becoming more popular because it is less susceptible to turning dark in a car engine. The oil is made of multiple types of oil that work together to prevent the engine from seizing or breaking down.

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How to remove API oil from your car engine

API oil is a type of engine oil that consists of synthetic blends of polyalphaolefins (PAOs) and esters. PAOs are long chain hydrocarbons that are synthesized from petroleum. API oil is used in engines that use unleaded gasoline or diesel fuel. API oil has a green label and is not dyed with colors to make it look different from other engine oils.

When the API oil reaches the engine, it begins to break down. The breakdown products of API oil include benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethylbenzene. These chemicals can be harmful to the engine and cause damage such as decreased performance, wear, and emissions.

To remove API oil from your car engine, follow these steps:
1) Drain the oil tank
2) Remove the dipstick
3) Pour a pot of hot water over the pan containing the API oil
4) Let the API oil soak for 10 minutes
5) Pour a pot of cold water over the pan containing the API oil
6) Remove the API oil soaked pan from heat and let cool
7) Place the pan in a freezer for 2 hours

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