Why My Lights Don’t Flash When I Lock My Car

Have you ever been driving in the dark and wondered why your car’s headlights didn’t turn on when you locked your car? You’re not alone – that’s a common question and one that has puzzled people for years. Now, thanks to new technology, we have an answer.

What Causes Your Lights to Flash When You Lock Your Car?

Most drivers know to leave their car windows down when they lock their vehicle. This way, if someone is trying to steal your car, they’ll need to get through the window to do so. However, what some drivers may not know is that leaving your car’s headlights on can also help deter criminals. A lot of criminals are afraid of the dark, so leaving your headlights on will make it harder for them to break into your car without being seen.

How to Fix the Problem

If you’re one of the unlucky people who have a car that doesn’t turn on when you lock the doors, this guide will help you fix the problem.


One possible reason your car’s headlights don’t flash when you lock the doors is because the battery is low. To check whether your battery is low, first make sure all of your vehicle’s lights are working by turning them on and checking for power at the electrical outlets. If you’re still having trouble with your headlights flashing after following these steps, it might be time to replace your battery.

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