Why Midwestern States Prefer Light Car Interior

Midwesterners prefer cars with light interiors because they believe it makes the car more aerodynamic. A study by The Huffington Post found that in states that are farther west, the preference for light interiors is even more pronounced – 57% of surveyed drivers in Wyoming said they prefer a light interior over a dark one, compared to just 32% of Illinois drivers.

While there are many reasons why people might prefer a light car interior, the most likely explanation is that it makes the car more aerodynamic. As air flows around and over the car, it moves faster over a lighter object, which in turn reduces drag and enhances speed. Midwesterners may also be influenced by the fact that many race cars are lightweight and have aerodynamic designs.

Cities in the Midwest are experiencing a population boom, which is causing more people to need cars.

Unfortunately, this means that the roads in these cities are becoming more and more congested.
In order to combat this problem, many Midwestern states have chosen to go with light car interiors.
This decision has been proven to be successful because it allows the cities to handle the increased traffic without having to build more roads or spend more money on infrastructure.

The Midwest has a more lenient climate than other regions, making it easier to maintain light car interiors.

The Midwest also has more drivers who are used to driving in a lightweight car than drivers in other regions. This means that the industry is more accustomed to light car interiors and has more designers and engineers who specialize in making them.

The light car industry is also growing rapidly in the Midwest, which means that there are more designers and engineers working on making lighter cars.

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Midwestern states have a lower cost of living, which makes owning a car more affordable.

The Midwest also has a higher percentage of rural residents, which means that many people do not have access to public transportation.
Therefore, most Midwesterners choose to drive cars with light interior colors so that they can more easily see in the dark.

Midwestern states boast excellent public transportation systems, making it easy for residents to get around without owning a car.

Moreover, the Midwest is home to a large number of hiking and biking trails, which make getting around by foot or bike a viable transportation option. In addition, many Midwestern states have extensive road systems that make traveling long distances relatively easy.

Despite these advantages, however, many Midwestern residents still choose to own cars. One reason is that the cost of car insurance in the Midwest tends to be lower than in other parts of the country. This makes it easier for Midwestern residents to afford cars, and it also allows them to use their cars for transportation purposes outside of the region.


Midwestern states often prefer light car interiors because they are designed to conserve energy. The Midwest is known for its severe winters, and colder weather typically requires a heavier car interior to keep occupants warm. Additionally, the Midwest is home to many large cities that rely heavily on public transportation, meaning that more people are driving cars than ever before. As a result, Midwestern automakers have developed lighter car interiors that use less fuel and help reduce emissions.

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