Why Led Lights Sucks At Night Car


You’re driving down the road at night, and all of a sudden you notice a bright light in your peripheral vision. It’s a car with their headlights on full blast, and they’re driving directly in front of you! And to make matters worse, they’re using led lights!

LEDs are great during the day because they produce a lot of light. But at night, they just don’t work as well. The reason is that led lights emit a narrow range of colors – specifically, blue and yellow. This means that they cast a very shallow glow on the surrounding environment, which makes it difficult to see things in the distance.

What are Led Lights and How Do They Work

LED lights are everywhere these days- even in cars. But what are they, and how do they work? Let’s take a look.

Downsides of Led Lights

There are a few reasons why led lights suck at night. First, they emit a lot of light which makes it hard to see. Second, they are not as bright as traditional car lights, meaning you have to drive much closer to the object to see it. Third, they can be distracting, making you less aware of your surroundings. Finally, they can be less durable than traditional car lights, meaning they will break easier in harsh conditions.


When it comes to cars and driving in the night, there’s just no beating a good set of headlights. They provide a clear path ahead for drivers, making it much easier to stay on the road and avoid accidents. However, while headlights are great during the day, they can be quite useless at night – which is where led lights come in.

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Led lights use less energy than traditional headlights, making them more sustainable over time. They also emit a softer light that is gentler on your eyesight – perfect for helping you see things clearly when you’re driving at night. If you’re looking for an upgrade over your regular car headlights but don’t want to break the bank, led lights might be the perfect option for you.

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