Why does My Car Engine Sound So Loud

If you’ve ever had your car engine sound really loud, you’re not alone. According to the American Automobile Association, more than 50% of drivers have had their engine rev up so high that it caused a noise complaint from someone else. It’s not just noisy engines that can be bothersome; regular engines that are running at too high of a RPM can also cause damage over time.

What Causes Engine Noise?

If your engine makes a loud noise when you start the car, it may be because of one of three things: worn or damaged parts, a clogged fuel system, or a faulty engine. Here’s a closer look at each one.

Worn or damaged parts: Over time, worn or damaged parts can cause the engine to make more noise when it starts. This can be caused by things like loose bolts that can vibrate and create noise, broken crankshafts that can cause excessive wear and tear on the main bearings, orworn camshafts that can cause misalignment and increased noise. In some cases, these problems may only become apparent after the car has been in use for a while, as the noises may gradually get worse over time.

A clogged fuel system: A clogged fuel system can also cause your engine to make a lot of noise when it starts. This is because when the fuel doesn’t flow freely through the system, it can cause debris to build up over time and eventually block the passages. This debris can include hairballs, dirt, and other small objects. When this happens, the engine has to work harder to get started and ultimately makes more noise.

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How to Fix Loud Car Engines

There can be many reasons why a car engine might sound louder than usual, but the most common culprit is a clogged or broken exhaust system. If the noise is coming from the engine itself, you may need to replace the exhaust system. However, if the noise is coming from the transmission or differential, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it.

What to do if Your Car Gets Too Loud

If you are constantly hearing your car engine sounding incredibly loud, it might be time to take action. There could be a few things that could be causing the noise, and you will want to investigate each one before making any decisions.


If you’re like most drivers, you’ve experienced the frustrating sound of a car engine that’s making too much noise. Loud noises from your car engine can come from a variety of sources, but the most common offender is a loose muffler or clogged air filter. If left unchecked, these problems can lead to excessive noise and decreased fuel efficiency. If you think your car’s engine is making too much noise, don’t hesitate to call our experts at Advanced Auto Repair in Fort Lauderdale at (954) 909-9090 for an inspection and advice on how to fix the problem.

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