When Should Suburu Crosstrek Brake Fluid Be Flushed

Just like any other mechanical component in your Subaru Crosstrek, the brake fluid should be flushed every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you use your brakes. This flushing procedure removes any sediments or rust that may have built up over time, and ensures proper brake function.

When to flush Subaru Crosstrek brake fluid

Subaru Crosstrek brake fluid should be flushed every 7,500 miles or when the brake pedal feels spongy.

What to look for when flushing Subaru Crosstrek brake fluid

Subaru Crosstrek brake fluid shouldn’t be flushed unless there is a sign that it needs to be done. The most common indication is a warning light on the dash, but other signs could include an increase in brake pedal dust, a lack of braking power, or a jerky or vibration when braking. If any of these things are happening, it’s time to flush the system.

1) Park the car in a safe place
2) Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition
3) Open the trunk lid and locate and remove the ABS module (it’s usually located behind one of the front wheel wells)
4) Disconnect all four brake lines at both ends of the system
5) Position a large bucket under each wheel well and pour in enough clean water to cover the brakes. Make sure that all hoses are submerged
6) Close the trunk lid and turn on the engine. Hold down on the brake pedal until all fluid has been drained from

How often should Subaru Crosstrek brake fluid be flushed?

When it comes to your Subaru Crosstrek, you should flush the brake fluid every 7,500 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. This means that if your Crosstrek was manufactured in January, you would flush the brake fluid in May. Subaru recommends using a quality brake fluid and using a professional mechanic to do the flushing.

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If you have a Subaru Crosstrek, it’s important to remember to flush the brake fluid every 3-5 years or 25,000 miles. Brake fluid helps to stop your car from stopping suddenly and can help prevent costly repairs. To flush the brake fluid, simply remove the cap and pour a small amount of clean brake fluid into the reservoir. Replace the cap and wait 10 minutes before driving.

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