When Is the Google Maps Car Coming

For years, Google has been testing self-driving cars on the streets of California. But when will these vehicles be available to the public? And how much will they cost?

Google Maps Car is Coming

Google Maps is about to get a whole lot better. You can soon expect to be able to order a car using the Google Maps app. The service will be available in the U.S., and it will work with both Uber and Lyft. The idea is that you’ll be able to request a ride from either of these companies, and then have the car show up on your screen.

What to Expect When the Google Maps Car Arrives

Google Maps will soon be available in autonomous cars. So, what do you need to know before the Google Maps Car arrives? According to Wired, “The Google Maps car will rely on a combination ofoky vision and machine learning to keep drivers safe and efficient.”

Wired’s report also says that the Google Maps Car won’t be available for everyone right away. It will first be made available to select companies, who will provide the cars for testing. After that, it is expected that the Google Maps Car will become available for consumers.


There is much speculation surrounding the Google Maps Car, but as of now, we don’t know when it will be released to the public. Some people are convinced that it is already here, while others believe that we’ll have to wait until later this year or even early next year. Regardless of when or if the Google Maps Car actually arrives, I think everyone should take a look at what it can do and see if it would be something that would fit into their daily lives.

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