What is the 12v Accessory Wire on a Car Stereo

A car stereo is a system that consists of an amplifier, CD player, and speakers. The 12v accessory wire is a power wire that connects the amplifier to the car battery. It supplies power to the CD player and speakers. If your car stereo doesn’t have a 12v accessory wire, you can purchase one from a car audio store.

What is the 12v Accessory Wire on a Car Stereo?

The v accessory wire on a car stereo is the white or light blue wire that you see coming out of the back of the stereo. This wire connects to the car’s 12v power outlet and allows you to play music from your car’s audio system.

If you are having problems with your car stereo, it is often helpful to check for damage to the v accessory wire. This wire can be damaged by water, ice, or lightning, so it is important to troubleshoot any issues before doing anything else.

If you do find damage to the v accessory wire, you may need to replace your car stereo. Alternatively, you can try to fix the damage using a Cobb extension cable or an aftermarket stereo cable.

How Does the 12v Accessory Wire Work?

The 12v accessory wire on a car stereo is responsible for supplying power to accessories that are connected to the stereo, such as Bluetooth speakers or hands-free devices.

The accessory wire usually has two connectors – one for the cigarette lighter and one for the AC outlet. The cigarette lighter connector usually has a red and black stripe on it, while the AC outlet connector usually has a green and black stripe.

When you turn on the car stereo, the 12v accessory wire automatically detects which connector is connected to the battery and which connector is connected to the AC outlet. Then, it supplies power to the appropriate device.

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What to Do if You Have a Fault with Your Car Stereo

If you have a car stereo, there is a wire that goes from it to the battery. This wire is called the “v” accessory wire. If your stereo has a fault, you may be able to fix it yourself. Here are steps on how to do this:

1) Turn off the car and unplug the stereo.
2) Remove the cover for the control unit. There are usually two screws at the bottom of the unit. Remove them and set the cover aside.
3) Look inside the control unit and locate the v accessory wire. It will be red and have a small connector on one end.
4) Connect one end of the v accessory wire to a good ground, such as an unpainted metal part of the car chassis. The other end of the v accessory wire should be connected to one of the terminals on your stereo.
5) Replace the cover and screw it in place. Turn on the car and test your stereo by playing a music CD or plugging in an iPod. If everything works correctly, you can remove the screw that holds the cover in place and store it away.


If you’re looking to install an accessory in your car stereo, such as a head unit or amplifier, you’ll need to connect the accessory’s 12v power wire to the car’s electrical system. This is typically done by drilling a hole in the dashboard and inserting the power wire through it. Make sure to use the correct size connector (usually included with the accessory) and secure it with a zip tie or socket cap.

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