What Does Rpt Mean in a Car

Are you looking for the definition of “repaired” in car repair? Rpt is a technical term that stands for “recovered,” “repaired,” or “replaced.” Use it in your next car repair question to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What is a Rpt?

A Rpt is the report of an accident.

What Does Rpt Mean in a Car?

Rpt stands for “Report of Damage.” When a car’s owner reports the damage to their insurance company, the insurance company will usually assign a claim number and begin processing the claim.

What Does Rpt Mean in a Car?

When your car’s mechanic tells you that there is a “report of theft,” they are referring to a document that was created after the theft in order to help law enforcement track down the thief. The report will likely have all of the relevant information about what was stolen, including a description of the stolen car.


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