What Cars Have Engines in the Back

Cars have engines in the back for a reason – they’re incredibly efficient at moving cars and trucks down the road. Let’s take a look at how engines work and see if there are any alternatives out there.

What is an engine in the back?

Typically, an engine in the back is a gasoline or diesel engine that powers the rear wheels of a car. This type of engine is typically more powerful and efficient than those located in the front of a vehicle.

The Benefits of Engines in the Back

Gasoline engines are located in the front of cars. This design is the norm for over a century, but there are some benefits to engines in the back.

One benefit is that engines in the back can be smaller and more efficient. A smaller engine can fit more easily into a compact car, making it a more fuel-efficient option. In addition, an engine in the back also allows for a smoother ride because it is not subjected to the bumps and jolts of the road.

Another benefit of engines in the back is that they can be positioned closer to the ground. This allows them to get better acceleration and braking performance. It also means that they are easier to repair if something goes wrong.

The Downsides to Engines in the Back

There are a few downsides to engines in the back, the first and most obvious is that they are harder to access in an emergency. If you need to change a tire or drive out of a sticky situation, having the engine in the back can make things more difficult. Additionally, engines in the back can be more susceptible to heat and noise damage, which can lead to decreased gas mileage and even maintenance issues. Another downside is that engines in the back often require a longer drivetrain than those in the front, which can add to overall vehicle cost.

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Which Cars Have Engines in the Back

Car engines are found in the front of most vehicles. However, there are a few cars that have engines in the back. This is because the engine is placed behind the rear axle, which gives the car more stability.

The first car to have an engine in the back was the AMC Eagle. This car was released in 1978 and had a rear-mounted AMC V8 engine. The Honda NSX also has an engine in the back, but it is located in the trunk.


In this article, we are going to discuss what cars have engines in the back. This is an interesting topic because not many people know about it. Most people think that all cars have engines in the front. This is not true. In fact, there are a few car models that have engines in the back. We will discuss which car models have engines in the back and why they do this.

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