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Wingo is a car company that has been making waves in the automotive industry for some time now. Not only do they make some of the most unique and interesting cars on the market, but their customer service is also TOP NOTCH!

What is Wingo?

Wingo is an American car company that was started in 2006 by Ken Block. Wingo manufactures sports cars, sedans, SUVs, and coupes. Wingo vehicles are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic. The company’s flagship model is the WingoZero, a sports car that has a top speed of 342 mph (550 km/h).

How Does Wingo Work?

Wingo is a new car rental service that allows users to rent cars through the use of a smartphone application. The Wingo app connects drivers and passengers with available cars. Drivers can rent cars for short-term rentals or long-term leases, and passengers can find cars to rent based on their needs or preferences. Wingo is also able to connect drivers and passengers with nearby cars, making it convenient for travelers to find a car without having to search through a list of options.

Is Wingo a Real Car Company?

Wingo is an online car company that sells “real cars.” The company’s website states that all of the cars sold through the website are “certified, pre-owned and in great condition.” However, some consumers have questioned whether Wingo actually manufactures any cars.

In February 2018, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued a warning to consumers about Wingo. The BBB warned that Wingo was advertising cars that were not actually available for sale. The BBB also stated that Wingo did not have any proof of ownership for any of the cars it advertised.

The FTC has also taken notice of Wingo. In November 2017, the FTC announced that it had obtained a consent order from Wingo requiring the company to cease all deceptive marketing and refund any consumers who had purchased products through its website. Under the terms of the order, Wingo must also provide clear disclosure about the fact that some products are not available for sale and must refund any money spent on unsold products.

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Based on these warnings, it seems likely that Wingo is not a real car company. While some of its cars may be certified and in good condition.

What are the Prices for Wingo Cars?

The prices for Wingo cars depend on the make and model. However, the average price for a Wingo car is about $21,000.
Wingo cars are unique because they are made out of recyclable materials. This means that the cars can be recycled multiple times. Wing so also uses sustainable materials, so the company is good for the environment.
Some Wingo models are available with solar panels and wind turbines. These features make Wingo cars more energy efficient.

Where Can I Buy a Wingo Car?

Wingo is a car company that was started in the late 1990s. The company specializes in making lightweight, aerodynamic cars. Wingo cars are popular among drag racers and high-performance enthusiasts. You can buy a Wingo car online or at select dealerships.


Wingo is a car company that designs and manufactures unique vehicles. Wingo was founded in 2007, and their cars have been featured in popular television shows such as “Top Gear” and “The Grand Tour.” Wingo vehicles are made to be environmentally friendly, with many of their models using alternative fuel sources such as ethanol or electric power.

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