Is Spitting on A Car a Crime in California

Spitting on a car in California is a crime, and you could face criminal penalties if you are caught. The law says that it is unlawful to “spit or throw any substance on, upon, or into” a car, bike, bus, truck, or other vehicle. This includes saliva and urine.

Violating this law can result in a fine of up to $1,000 or up to six months in jail, or both. If you are convicted of spitting on a car, the court may also order you to pay for the costs of repairing the vehicle.

What is spit?

Spitting on a car is considered a crime in California. This is because the saliva can create an infectious disease risk for the driver and other people who may come into contact with the saliva.

What is the difference between spit and saliva?

In California, spitting on a car is not a crime. Saliva is considered to be just another form of spit.

Are there any penalties for spitting on a car in California?

There are no specific penalties for spitting on a car in California, but the act can generally be considered disorderly conduct. Spitting on a car can also lead to an offensive odor, which may bother other drivers or passengers.


Spitting on a car in California can constitute as a crime, depending on the circumstances. If you are caught spitting on a car, it is possible that you could be charged with vandalism or assault with a deadly weapon. It’s important to know the laws in your state so that you don’t get into any trouble – and also so that you can defend yourself if necessary. Keep in mind that there may be other criminal charges that could be brought against you, too. So if Spit happens to land on your neighbour’s car while they’re driving, call the cops!

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