Is Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Ph Neutral

Are you looking for a Bilberry wheel cleaner that’s Ph neutral? If so, then you might be interested in the Clean Green Ph Neutral Wheel cleaner by Biobutterfly. This cleaner is made with natural ingredients and is formulated to be gentle on both your wheels and the environment. So whether you’re looking for a wheel cleaner that’s environmentally friendly or just want to save time and hassle cleaning your wheels, Biobutterfly’s Clean Green Ph Neutral Wheel cleaner might be just what you’re looking for.

What is Bilberry Wheel Cleaner?

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is a natural, eco-friendly cleaner that can be used on all types of wheels. It contains natural ingredients such as bilberry and cranberry juice which help to clean the surface of the wheel and remove dirt, dust, and grease.

Is Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Ph Neutral?

Bilberry is a fruit that grows in the northern hemisphere. Its fruit is made up of hard seeds enclosed in a fleshy rind. The fruit is used to make wines, jams, jellies and other products. Bilberry has been used as a natural cleaning agent for centuries.

Bilberry extract has been shown to be ph neutral. This means that it does not alter the pH level of water or soil. However, because bilberry is a natural product, there may be some variations in its composition from batch to batch. So, if you are using bilberry extract to clean your wheels, it is important to test the product before use on a particular wheel to ensure that it is ph-neutral.

Side Effects of Bilberry Wheel Cleaner

Bilberry wheel cleaner is a popular item for cleaning wheels. However, many people are unaware of the side effects of using this product. Here are some of the potential side effects of using bilberry wheel cleaner:

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1. Irritation and redness caused by the product’s chemicals.

2. Burning sensation when using the product.

3. Nasal congestion from the product’s chemicals.

4. Damage to the skin and eyes from the product’s chemicals.


Bilberry wheel cleaner is a great product for keeping your wheels clean and shining, but it is not ph neutral. While the ingredients in this cleaner are all safe for use on wheels, it does contain ethylene glycol which can break down plastic and cause damage. If you have any questions about whether or not bilberry wheel cleaner is ph neutral, be sure to read the label carefully before using it.

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