How to Trick a Car Wash Change Machine

Changing your car’s oil is a task most of us take for granted, but it can be a tricky affair if you don’t have the right tools. In this article, we’ll show you how to change your car’s oil using the cheapest and easiest method – by using a change machine at a car wash!

What is a car wash change machine?

A car wash change machine is a device that saves time and money for car owners. It allows drivers to change their own oil, filter, and other essential car parts without having to leave their vehicle. The machine uses sensors to detect when these maintenance tasks need to be done and automatically dispenses the correct tools.

There are a few ways to trick a carwash change machine. One way is to place items in the washer that are not normally used. This can include plastic bags, newspapers, or any other objects that can take up space in the washer and cause it to overfill. Another trick is to put dirty items in with clean items. This will cause the change machine to incorrectly calculate how much oil, filter, or other parts need to be dispensed and the driver will save money by not having to purchase these items.

How do I trick the machine?

There are a few ways to trick a car wash change machine. The easiest way is to put a small stack of cash in the machine before you start the wash. The machine will think that you are putting money in, and will give you a higher change than usual. Another way is to put coins in the coin slot instead of cash, and then use a paper clip to scoop them out when you finish your wash. These methods work best if you’re washing a car with a dark color or trim, as the machine won’t be able to see the coins as easily.

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What are the consequences of tampering with a car wash change machine?

It’s not just the consequences of getting caught that are important when it comes to tampering with a car wash change machine – there can also be serious mechanical problems that can occur as a result. For example, if the machine is overloaded, the pressure may increase and potentially cause the motor to break. In addition, any repairs that need to be made to the machine may be more expensive than they would have been if the tampering had not occurred.

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