How to Perform a Brake Flush

Brake flushes are an important part of maintaining your vehicle’s braking system. Without them, your car could stop on a dime and leave you stranded. Here are four steps to performing a brake flush:

1. Make sure all of your brake pads are at least 10 years old and have at least 80% of their original thickness.
2. Remove any debris or corrosion from the brake fluid reservoir.
3. Add brake fluid to the reservoir until it reaches the required level (usually between 2 and 4 cups).
4. Close the valve on the reservoir and bleed the system using the bleeder screw until there is no more air bubbles coming from the system.

What is a brake flush?

A brake flush is a procedure to clear the brake fluid from your car’s system. Brake fluid can corrode your brake calipers and pads, and a brake flush will remove all the old fluid and debris.

How to perform a brake flush

If you’re experiencing a skidding or jerking condition when you apply the brakes, it might be time to flush your lines. This simple procedure can help free up any brake fluid that has built up over time and reduce the chance of a brake failure. Here’s how to do it:

1) Park the vehicle in a safe location.
2) Remove the wheel bearing caps and disconnect the brake lines from the calipers.
3) Pour a pot of boiling water into the reservoir under the hood and switch off the engine.
4) Remove the braket cover on the front of the master cylinder and pour about 1 cup of brake fluid into the chamber.
5) Replace the braket cover and return everything to its original position.
6) Reconnect both lines to their caliper connections and reattach wheel bearing caps.
7) Apply pressure to the brakes while depressing the pedal all the way down. When you feel resistance, release the pressure and wait 10 seconds before reapplying it. Repeat this process until all fluid has been flushed from the system.

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