How to Make a Wheel Cleaner Brush For Your Drill

Drill bits can be a real pain to clean – but with this simple DIY wheel cleaner brush, it will be a breeze!

What You’ll Need


-Wheel Cleaner Brush

-Tape measure

-Paint or a sealant of your choice (optional)

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about the drill bit you’re using on the job site. But what if that bit was dirty? That can cause serious problems with your project – and even lead to safety issues.

To keep your drill bits clean and operating at their best, make sure you have a wheel cleaner brush handy. This tool is specifically designed to remove debris from the inside of the drill wheel. You can find these brushes at most home improvement stores.

To make your own brush, all you need is a drill, wheel cleaner brush, and tape measure. Start by measuring the circumference of your drill wheel. Make sure the tape measure is long enough to reach all the way around the wheel. Then cut the tape measure lengthwise into two equal pieces. Next, use one piece of tape to hold the wheel cleaner brush in place against the inside of the drill wheel, and use the other piece of tape to hold the tape measure against the wheel’s circumference. Tighten upthe tape measure until the brush is firmly against the wheel.

How to Make a Wheel Cleaner Brush

If you’re like most people, you use your drill a lot. But what do you do when the drill bit starts to get dirty? You might try to use a rag or your hand to clean it, but that’s not very efficient. A better solution is to make a wheel cleaner brush for your drill. This simple tool will make cleaning your drill much easier and faster.

To make the wheel cleaner brush, all you need is a stiff wire brush, some electrical tape, and a drill. First, cut a piece of electrical tape long enough to wrap around the drill wheel. Make sure the tape is wide enough so that it covers the entire circumference of the wheel. Then put the bristles of the wire brush on one end of the tape and fold the other end over it. Finally, stick the folded end of the tape to the top of the drill bit. Now you can use the brush to clean your drill bit quickly and easily.

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This tool will help make cleaning your drill much easier and faster. It’s also great for removing embedded dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas. If you have a Drill Press, this is an even better option because you can use the drill bit to clean the wheel while it’s attached to the press.

If you’re not sure if your drill has a brush, just look for a notch or a “V” on the front or back of the bit. If so, you can use this tool to clean it.

Tips for Using Your Wheel Cleaner Brush

When it comes to maintaining your drill, one of the most important tools you can have is a wheel cleaner brush. Here are four tips for using your brush to its best advantage:

1. Keep it clean. The first and most important tip is to keep your brush clean. Regularly clean the bristles with a damp cloth or a can of compressed air. This will help keep the brush working at its best and prevent build-up that can cause the brush to wear out prematurely.

2. Get in close. The second tip is to get in close to the work area. A closer approach will allow you to reach all areas of the wheel, which will result in a better cleaning job.

3. Rotate it around. The third tip is to rotate your brush around the wheel once you’ve cleaned it. This will ensure that all areas are covered and that no dirt or debris remains on the bristles.

4. Use it on both sides. The fourth and final tip is to use your brush on both sides of the wheel. This will help ensure that all sides are cleaned properly and that there are no dirt or debris build-ups on any of the surfaces.

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