How to Find the Engine Size of My Car

Wondering what engine size your car has? Trying to find out the specs for a vehicle you don’t own? Our guide will show you how to find the engine size of any car.

What is the Engine Size of My Car?

If you’re looking to determine the engine size of your car, it’s important to know both the make and model of your vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to find the VIN (vehicle identification number). Once you have the VIN, you can use a car engine size calculator online or in some car manuals to figure out the engine size.

How to Find the Engine Size of My Car

If you’re looking to purchase a new car, the first step is to figure out what engine size your vehicle has. This is easy to do with a few simple steps.

To find the engine size of your car, start by finding the VIN number of your car. You can find this number on a sticker in the door jamb or on the driver’s side dashboard. Once you have the VIN number, use this information to jump into our online engine size calculator. Enter your car’s make, model, and year and press “Calculate.” You’ll see a list of engine sizes that correspond to your vehicle.

Be sure to take these numbers with you when you go shopping for a new car. Not all dealers will have every engine size in stock, so be prepared to visit multiple locations in order to find the perfect vehicle for you

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How to Know if Your Car Needs a New Engine?

If you’re like most drivers, you’re probably wondering how to find the engine size of your car. It’s not always easy, but with a little detective work and a few simple tests, you can figure it out. Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by looking at the car’s owner’s manual. This will usually include information on the engine size and type.

2. If the owner’s manual isn’t available, you can find this information on a plaque or sticker attached to the car near the engine.

3. If neither of those options is available, you can use a vehicle identification number (VIN) to lookup the engine size. Look it up online or in a book or database. You’ll need this information if you ever need to replace your engine or have your car repaired.


In this article, we will be exploring how to find the engine size of a car. This is an important task for those who are looking to buy or sell a car, as knowing the engine size will give you an idea of what kind of power and performance your new car has. We will also provide some tips on how to measure the engine size if you don’t have a manual handy. After reading this article, hopefully you will be able to confidently answer any questions that relate to finding the engine size of a car.

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