How Much Does Brake Fluid Flush Cost

One of the most common repairs your car will need is a brake fluid flush. But knowing how much it’ll cost you and when to schedule one can be a bit tricky. Check out this article for the rundown on brake fluid flush costs, when they’re typically done, and what to look for when scheduling your repair!

What is brake fluid and what does it do

Brake fluid is a liquid that’s used to stop a car or motorcycle. It’s injected into the brake system and helps to create a friction between the brake pads and the rotors. Brake fluid can also help to reduce heat buildup in the braking system, which can cause wear and tear on your brakes.
Brake fluid costs vary depending on the type and make of your vehicle, but you can expect to pay around $50 for a quart of fluid.

How often should brake fluid be flushed?

Brake fluid should be flushed every 7,500 miles or every 3 years, whichever comes first.


Brake fluid flush is a fairly common service that your mechanic or car wash can perform. However, many drivers don’t know exactly how much the service costs and don’t budget for it. In this article, we’ll outline the cost of a brake fluid flush, discuss factors that impact price, and provide tips to help you estimate the cost before getting service.

Brake fluid flush costs can vary significantly based on where you live and the type of brake fluid being flushed. In general, a brake fluid flush with fresh brake fluid will cost between $50 and $100, while a more extensive flush with obsolete or contaminated brake fluid will cost more. Factors that can impact price include the age of your brakes, the condition of your brakes, and the amount of contamination present.

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To help you estimate the cost of a brake fluid flush, consider these factors:

-The age of your brakes: Brake pads wear down over time, which means your braking system requires more frequent flushes. Older brakes tend to require more frequent flushes than newer brakes due to their greater age and heavier usage.


Brake fluid flush isn’t something that most people think about, but it’s an important part of maintaining your car’s brakes. Over time, brake fluid can become dirty and gunk-filled, which will eventually cause your brakes to stop working properly. In order to keep your car in good shape and ensure that you have a long life of braking power, it’s important to regularly flush the brake system with fresh brake fluid. How much does this cost? That depends on the make and model of your car, but you should expect to pay around $60 perflush.

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