How Far Is Georgia from Florida by Car

Looking to head out on a road trip this summer and not know where in the United States you are? Look no further than our map below! We’ve outlined all 50 states along with the approximate distance between each state and Florida, so now all you need to do is plan your route and hit the road!

How to get to Georgia from Florida

If you’re looking to drive from Florida to Georgia, the best route is to take I-10 east to I-95 north. I-95 will take you all the way to Atlanta, where you can then take GA-400 west to GA-1 south and finally GA-15 south to Augusta.

The costs of traveling between the two states

If you’re looking to hit the open road, you’ll want to know that Georgia is located about 1,243 miles from Florida. If you’re driving, expect to spend around $1,253 on gas and tolls between the two states. However, if you’re flying instead of driving, the cost of getting between the two states will be a bit more expensive – expect to pay around $2,083 in airfare alone.

Driving time between the two states

Georgia is located roughly halfway between Florida and the eastern coast of the United States. It takes around 3 hours to drive from Tallahassee, FL to Atlanta, GA. Driving time from Tampa, FL to Atlanta, GA is about 4 hours.

Which state is closer to Georgia?

Georgia is closer to Florida by car than either state is to the other. The distance from Tallahassee, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia is about 297 miles. The distance from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia is about 281 miles.

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If you’re looking to travel from Georgia to Florida by car, the estimated journey time is 12 hours and 41 minutes. This means that it will take you approximately 589.2 miles (971 km) to cover the distance. You can find out more about this journey by using our map below or by using the links provided at the end of this article.

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