Does Carmax Buy Cars With Engine Problems

When shopping for a new car, it’s important to be diligent in researching the different options and make a well-informed decision. However, what happens when you purchase a car with an engine problem? In this article, we examine the legalities of buying cars with defective engines, and how you can protect yourself should something go wrong.

What Is Carmax

Carmax is a retailer of used cars and trucks. The company offers customers an easy and convenient way to purchase a car with no strings attached. Carmax does not require customers to have a good credit score or a clean driving record. The company also does not require customers to undergo a vehicle inspection before purchasing a car.

What Does Carmax Do With Carbuyers That Have Engine Problems

Carmax is a popular retailer that specializes in selling and buying used cars. They have a policy of not selling cars that have engine problems. Carmax does this to protect their customers and also to ensure that the cars they are selling are in good working condition.

How Does Carmax Determine If a Car is a Good Buy?

Carmax has a simple policy when it comes to purchasing cars with engine problems. If the car has a problem that affects its safety, the car will not be sold. Carmax employees have been trained to look for these types of problems and determine if the car is still a good buy. If the problem does not affect the car’s safety, Carmax will sell the car.


With Carmax, buying a car can be a bit of an ordeal. Not only do they have some of the worst customer service ratings in the business, but they also seem to buy cars that have already had some issues. If you’re looking to buy a used car from them, I suggest doing your research first and avoid models that Carmax has been known to purchase.

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