Can You Use Brake Cleaner on Alloy Wheels

Recently, I had to replace the brake pads on my car. Rather than taking the time to remove the wheels and clean them myself, I decided to use a brake cleaner that is specifically designed for alloy wheels. After reading the instructions, I followed them carefully and was glad that I did.

What is brake cleaner and what does it do?

Brake cleaner is a type of solvent that is used to clean the braking surfaces on a car. It is made up of solvents, acids and abrasives that help remove the dirt, dust, and debris that can build up on the brake pads and discs. By using brake cleaner, you can ensure that your brakes are functioning optimally and are free from any dirt or debris.

How to use brake cleaner on alloy wheels

Brake cleaner is a great way to clean your alloy wheels. Just be sure to use it in a safe manner and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Pros and Cons of using brake cleaner on alloy wheels

Brake cleaner is a great way to clean alloy wheels. However, there are some cons to using it.

The first con is that brake cleaner can damage the alloy wheels. It can cause scratches and other damage if it’s not used carefully.

Another con is that brake cleaner is a harsh chemical. It can leave behind residues that can damage the alloy wheels over time.

Overall, brake cleaner is a great way to clean alloy wheels. Just be aware of the potential drawbacks and use it wisely.


Unfortunately, many people believe that brake cleaner is only meant for cleaning and restoring the shine to rubber or plastic surfaces. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Brake cleaner can actually damage alloy wheels if it is used incorrectly. To avoid any potential damage, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using brake cleaner on alloy wheels.

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