Can you Lock Car With Engine Running

What is lock car with engine running?

Lock car with engine running is a technical term used to describe the process of locking a car using the engine running. This is done in order to prevent someone from breaking into the car and stealing items inside.

How to Lock Car With Engine Running

Locking your car with the engine running is a great way to ensure that nobody can steal your vehicle without you being present. Follow these simple steps to lock your car:

1) Park your car in a safe location. Make sure that the engine is off before you start locking the car.

2) Turn off all of the locks on the car.

3) Put the car in park and turn on the ignition.

4) Start locking each of the vehicle’s doors one at a time.

5) When you’re finished locking all of the doors, turn off the ignition and remove the key from the ignition.


Yes, you can lock your car with the engine running. This is usually done to prevent someone from stealing the car if it is parked in a public place.

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